Book Review: Buttons & Grace by Penelope Sky

Buttons & Grace

By Penelope Sky

More Details:

Book Six
Dark Romance
Published November 11th 2017 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



I started a blood war. I’ve made a terrifying enemy. Over a single woman. It was a stupid decision, but I don’t have any regrets. Because Bellissima is finally mine.

Warning: My review may contain spolers!!

This book didn’t have any action in it. I don’t think I would consider books 4-6 as dark romance. It seems like they got super soft. Although, I don’t consider this book dark romance, I did enjoy it.

It was a great ending to this series. I just feel like it was drug out. This book could have ended in Buttons & Blame. There was really no need for this sixth book.

I hated the fact that Adelina didn’t seem to appreciate what Cane has done for her. She praised Crow and Pearl, basically leaving Cane in the dirt. Like he didn’t do anything. I really wanted to fight her in this book.

But other than that, I enjoyed how this book played out. I like that she went to America to find out life wouldn’t be the same on her own. I love that Cane went to take her on a date. AKA, made her realize that she belongs in Italy with him.

This book was more on the emotional side. You see Cane go through the struggles of not having Adelina with him. You even get pretty awesome epilogues and see babies. Uh, yes. I needed that.

I do think I’ll pick up some more books by Penelope Sky in the future, just maybe not in the near future.

3/5 Stars

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